9MM FP-124gr. (Match Winner) SPECIAL EDITION MHI STAMP with Shell Shock


Monster Hunter International Ammo

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Shell Shock Technology
NAS3 Two-Piece Shell Technology
  • Engineered for the future: 50% lighter and 2x stronger than brass
  • Outperforms nickel-plated brass on every level
  • Uniform wall thickness + proprietary assembly techniques = reliable and consistent velocity, 0.93 fps standard deviation (see SST Independent Test Report)
  • Re-loadable
  • Ejects cool to touch
  • Made in the USA
Jacketed Flat Point (MATCH WINNER)
You are looking at bullets from a limited run of our 124 grain FMJ Flat Nose *Match Winner* line that include the Monster Hunter International logo stamped on it’s face.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monster Hunter International (MHI), it is a book series written by Larry Correia.  I highly recommend reading them if you haven’t already.  If you’ve already read the books then you know why it’s such an awesome thing for Larry to allow us to use his logo on our bullet.  Not only did he allow us to use the logo, but he wanted 100% of his share of the profits to go to the Houston food bank to help fight the hurt coming from Hurricane Harvey.  We are very grateful to Larry for his generosity and help with this project.  If you like our bullets and want to help a little with some hurricane relief, please consider buying these.  Also, if you haven’t yet read the MHI books or anything else written by Larry Correia, please consider giving them a try.  I love his books and I think you will too.

Velocity: 1075
ft./lbs: 318

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 5.0625 x 2.625 x 1.3125 in

50, 500

Velocity: 1075
ft./lbs: 318


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