About Us

American Reserve Munitions is excited to introduce our two new product lines, COUNTERSTRIKE and ULTRAPRECISE ammunition.  These two new ammunition lines have unparalleled technology both with the projectiles and case.  The new case technology (Shell Shock), features a high pressure bi-metal case in select calibers.   Our new product lines consist of DUTY rounds, which are for LE & Military, DEFENSE rounds for the civilian market, and TRAINING rounds which provides match shooting experience to the DUTY and DEFENSE ammunition at reduced cost.


Our mission is to help meet the needs of the worldwide shooting industry by safely producing quality ammunition. We rely on the grace of God and the virtues of honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work, to support and provide for our families, employees, friends, and all those with whom we associate.

Customer Service is a high priority for us and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.